Car Servicing BelfastIn 2003 the EU introduced a ruling that enabled owners to have their vehicles serviced by independent garages, as opposed to only franchised dealerships, without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

The old arrangement was judged to represent ‘an unjustified restriction to the customer’.
Independent garages can now service vehicles without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty provided that:

The service is done in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedules and is recorded as such. The parts used are of an appropriate quality and are recorded as such.

Servicing is very important in your car or van for running efficiently and increasing its life. It has been proven that cars that are serviced regularly are less likely to break down or have engine problems.

We can offer several types of servicing depending on your vehicle requirements and budget.

We can reset your service indicator on your car, stamp your service record and we keep a record of all the work that has been on your car. If you require any information at any time we can supply it to you.

Full service would include:

  • Protec engine flush
  • Oil – good quality synthetic according to your cars specification
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Fuel filter or spark plugs again depending on mileage or your model of car
  • Pollen or cabin filter
  • Full safety check and a full report to you
  • Brake check And if your car has rear brake drum we will remove them, clean and adjust as necessary
  • Brake fluid checked or renewed
  • Antifreeze /summer coolant checked or renewed.

Interim services also available, call to discuss your best options. After a service we can check your levels (oil, water and tyre pressure).

Call by any that suits you.