Is your DPF warning light on?

Is your car going into limp or get home mode?

Is your car losing power?

Is your car using a lot of fuel?

More than likely your DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER is blocked

This is a problem due to: Urban driving, frequent short journeys or ignoring the dpf light on your dash.

Call to eurofit and we can find the best option to have your car running perfectly.

Sometimes the DPF can be rectified using a Protec Top Gun DPF/Catalyst Cleaner and then a laptop controlled regeneration. In some cases we need to clean the soot and contamination build up using a Protec top gun application straight to the DPF. Then a regneration of the system. Eurofit do not recommend removal of the DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER as it is a MOT requirement.

So call us and save yourself ££1000

Mandy from Lisburn

“This DPF light was flashing on my A4 tdi , I ignored it and hoped it would go away. But then the car started to loose power. I called Eurofit and their friendly staff talked me throught the best options for my car.

I left the car and it was returned to me with no lights on dash  running like a bird and ohh so easy on fuel. Eurofit saved me a fortune not returning to the dealer.

Thanks guys”